21 June, 2021

Become a volunteer!

The WCA World Championship 2021 will be fully organized and supervised by volunteers. Almost 200 volunteers will be active. You can be one of them – and help make the World Championship a great success!

What can you expect as a volunteer?

  • A great experience
  • Free drinks (maybe more)
  • Unique WCA Worlds 2021 t-shirts
  • A gift pack
  • Are you a competitor? Then you can participate for free! You will receive a personal schedule in which both your volunteer work and competing are listed.

Who can be a volunteer?

Cubers, non-cubers, competitors, non-competitors, youngsters, seniors: almost everyone can be a volunteer. We need volunteers for different jobs: judging/scrambling, score taking, ticket office, supervising un-official events, website, social media, press, build-up/clear-up team etc.

What do we expect from you?

  • An availability of at least 3 days, preferably more (Monday 27 to Friday 31 December – and we also need people on January 2).
  • Sense of responsibility: you understand that your efforts will determine the success of the championship. You keep your appointments and follow the directions of your team leader.
  • You are willing to work hard. Especially if you also compete yourself in the World Championship, you have to take into account that you will make long days.
  • A basic command of English. For some positions a very good command of the English language is required.

Application and selection

Your application is welcome via MyWorlds. Choose the job (or jobs) you would like to do and tell us something about your experience and motivation. Delegates from all over the world will help us with the assessment. Some applications will be accepted within a few days, others after a few months, others may be rejected. This depends on the job you are applying for, your experience, your skills, your availability and whether you are already familiar with the organization team or the delegates.

Dutch Nationals 2019. Photo credits: Irene Driessen

You will understand that the organizing team and the WCA board – although very hopeful – cannot guarantee that the World Championship will actually be able to take place. If the championship has to be cancelled unexpectedly, the organization team and WCA board cannot be held liable for e.g. travel and accommodation costs incurred.